Lesson B: Follow Up – Creativity is Key

Let’s remember the important ideas underlying the first two lessons. Especially important is to begin to accept that God is not some distant figure which you have to try and coax, beg, or cajole into giving you what you want. You are a beloved child of God. God is only too delighted to give you what you want. However, you need to learn to use the laws which bring you what you want. The law operates to give you more of what you invest your energy in. You need to invest your thoughts and feeling in what you want; and stop investing your thoughs and feelings in what you don’t want.

As you become more aware of yourself as the offspring of the Eternal, you also become more aware of the ways in which you have inherited the creative power of the Creator. You learn of your role as a co-creator and how the images you hold in your mind are filled with Life by the Spirit of God within you.

Thought Bricks material is intended to awaken you to the Spirit of God within you and to create a sensible and practical relationship with that Spirit. If a plant has been uprooted from the soil and replanted we don’t expect it to thrive immediately. Such a plant must have it roots reconnected with the earth in order to thrive again. Likewise, we need to reconnect with our source in order to fully experience the abundance and wellbeing that life truly has to offer us.

In these times when many are facing financial duress it can be tempting to think, “This is all very well, but I have bills to pay!”. Yes, the practical issues of life are vitally important. Yet so too are the spiritual issues as they are ultimately practical. There is nothing more practical than learning to contact and express the creativity and talents within you. That will enable you to overcome challenges, develop your character and to be better at your chosen role or profession. You will have more to offer the world and the world will offer you more – including more money – in return.  Your true source of Abundance is in having a happy relationship with your Creator and that includes having relationship with your own creativity – in the widest sense. You will find this theme will reappear often in the Thought Bricks material even in the midst of very practical tips and advice.


William M.