Spiritual Awakening

What is a Spiritual Awakening? A Spiritual Awakening is when a person begins to become aware of the spiritual aspect or inner side of themselves. They may have spent most of their life, so far, going in a particular direction and then realize that there is much more to life than they previously thought. This can cause the person to completely re-evaluate their life and to make very different choices about their life-path and in their career. This process is sometimes referred to as self actualization or becoming self actualized, because it means that you are discovering your true self and “actualizing” that self by making it part of you life.

For some the outer changes may be dramatic; for others the outer changes may be subtle and hardly noticeable, but a deep inner change takes place. They may do the same things as before, but with a very different orientation. They may find themselves wanting to do more to help others and not being so concerned about personal gain. They become less self absorbed, less self interested and taking much more interest in the well-being of others.

Some may find that the traditional values they grew up with a real help in their Spiritual Awakening; others may find these a real barrier and want to be free of them. However, at such times we need to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater and look deeper into traditional values as there may be some treasure there.

The main things about a Spiritual Awakening is that we begin to be motivated by the impulses, thoughts and feelings arising from a deeper and wiser part of ourselves than we are accustomed too. We need time to adjust to the new sense of values which arise with this new sense of self. We might want to immediately quit our current job; but that might not be the wise thing to do – unless we have some well considered alternatives. When going through a Spiritual Awakening it is usually best to give things a bit of time to settle before we make any radical changes. Radical changes may be necessary, but usually they can wait a few weeks at least so that we can get our affairs in order.

We will be adding a wide range of material on here to help you with your Spiritual Awakening. Please check in from time to time. We will be setting up a forum system soon so that you can interact with us – and with each other – to help us know more about what you would find useful.