Thought Bricks Intro Course Lessons

“Thought Bricks is not for everyone. It is not suited to closed-hearted and unkind people – or at least not those who want to stay that way. It is not for people who are hard-bitten and cynical, or for those who want to argue their way through life. It is for sincere, open-minded people who are open to spiritual teachings. It is for those who not only want to get more, but also want to give more. In practice, the teachings covers the three aspects of a balanced life;  the material, the mental and the spiritual.” – Bernard

Below are the links to the lessons for the Thought Bricks Intro Course. Please take about 4 to 8 weeks to complete the course. There are 8 lessons so depending on your preference you could either do one lesson per week for 8 weeks or two lessons per week for 4 weeks. There is nothing to be gained by hurrying through the course in too short a period of time. The main lessons were written by Bernard; each “Follow Up” lesson is something I wrote to offer additional support for the previous lesson. – William M.

Lesson A: Thought Bricks and How To Build With Them

Lesson A: Follow Up – You Deserve Better

Lesson B: How to Contact Abundant Supply

Lesson B: Follow Up – Creativity is Key

Lesson C: A Successful Life For Everyone

Lesson C: Follow Up – Self Encouragement

Lesson D: Weight of Glory, Way to Achievement

Lesson D: Follow Up – Life as a Mirror

End of Thought Bricks Intro Course.

The next course is the: Thought Bricks Foundation Course