What are Thought Bricks?

Combining head and heart for a better life.

With the large number of Self Help ‘gurus’ and Law of Attraction ‘experts’ around these days it can get confusing. Do you sometimes find it hard to know who to turn to get to the heart of making your life better? Of course, there are some excellent people out there offering genuine teachings. The trouble is finding them amidst all those who have jumped on “The Secret” and “law of attraction” bandwagon in one way or another.

Hold on, there is hope…

You are about to discover something which I hope will delight and enthrall you… You are about to discover Thought Bricks!

“What is Thought Bricks?”, you rightly ask. Thought Bricks is a unique set of teachings, which helps you become more prosperous and abundant. It involves your whole person, so it is not just “positive thinking” yet it includes that too. As many of us have discovered, creating abundance in our lives is as much about “positive feeling” as anything else and Thought Bricks has always had a strong focus on the importance of feelings.

Thought Bricks really got going in the 50’s. From its base in a small village in England, it quietly grew into an international correspondence school offering courses to people all around the world. Thought Bricks grew from strength-to-strength until the mid 90’s when Bernard its founder passed away.  The school closed and the material was getting scattered, and there was a risk of it being lost, when I decided to gather it up and make it available via the web. I was a student of Thought Bricks myself so I knew of its tremendous value.

What makes Thought Bricks so wonderful is that it teaches heart knowing rather than only “head knowledge”. Much of Thought Bricks is unique and much of the way of it is taught is unique too. I for one have never found anything else like it in many decades of exploring different types of teachings.

Of course, to be realistic, it is very likely that you will come across at least some of the ideas in Thought Bricks in other teachings. Yet this body of teaching stands out in the ways it combines “head and heart” so you can truly “know” the material. The real benefit of Thought Bricks are the methods it offers to help you really know in your feelings, in your heart, and not just in your head.

Perhaps you feel stuck. Perhaps you are not sure who or what to believe any more. Or, perhaps you are simply curious and want to try something new. Try out the free Thought Bricks Intro Course and see how you get on.

However, I need to mention that not everyone is welcome on the Thought Bricks course. Bernard, its creator, was very upfront about this and I am doing the same. It is a simple fact that the material is not for everyone and it works better for a particular type of person, or for people at a particular stage in their awakening.

Thought Bricks is not suited to closed-hearted and unkind people – or at least not those who want to stay that way. 🙂 It is not for people who are hard-bitten and cynical, or for those who want to argue their way through life. It is for sincere, open-minded people who are open to spiritual teachings. It is for those who not only want to get more, but also want to give more. In practice, the teachings covers the three aspects of a balanced life;  the physical, the mental and the spiritual. Click to Join the Intro Course….

We all know, or ought to know, that we only get out of something as much as we put in. Therefore, it will really be up to you to determine how much value the Thought Bricks Course material will have for you.

Current list of Thought Bricks Courses (more to come):
The Thought Bricks Intro Course (Start with this one)
The Thought Bricks Foundation Course
The Thought Bricks Golden Gate Course


William M.