Many people throughout the world are experiencing a Spiritual Awakening, but might not recognize it for what it is. They find themselves questioning previously held beliefs, they find themselves doubting those in authority, and they wonder what is going on with them and what is going on in the world. (Something which can be of great assistance in your spiritual awakening is learning how to forgive. You learn how to forgive by downloading the free ebook: The Four Steps to Forgiveness

These are times of dramatic change. Yet, despite the confusion – we might even say because of the confusion – people are waking up to the fact that there is “something within” themselves, a deeper and wiser part of themselves, looking to awaken and to take part in their life. This “something within” we are referring to is your spiritual self and therefore awakening to and expressing this part of you is a spiritual awakening.

Some come to a spiritual awakening by dramatic means such as a Near Death Experience, a major health issues (such as a life-threatening illness), or a personal crises such as separation or divorce. Some awaken owing to the loss of a loved one, seeing a loved one suffer, or even due to a betrayal by a loved one and so on. There are many ways in which we can find ourselves questioning previously held beliefs, or values we hold dear, and looking for a sense of truth.

Some come to a spiritual awakening through a yearning for “something more” in their life. They are dissatisfied with whatever success they have obtained and whatever material things, or material experiences, they have accumulated.

Many begin to look for The Truth. However, they often look in the wrong place because The Truth is something you must eventually experience within yourself. If you do not know the Truth about yourself then you will not be capable of recognizing it in life, in other people or in external situations. The Truth is not dependent on how loud a person speaks, the size of their following, or the drama in which they portray their views. The who claim to lead you to The Truth must ultimately help you explore and discover the nobler, higher, and better parts of yourself. For how can you express the best within yourself if you are not in contact with it?

The website is about that journey, the many paths to the discovery of the best within yourself which ultimately leads to your spiritual awakening – an awakening to the reality of your spiritual core – for ultimately every human being is really a spiritual being.

In the days, weeks and months ahead we will add a wide variety of material than can help you with your spiritual awakening. Some of this will be based on traditional teaching, some will very new and some of it may well surprise you and make you wonder what it has to do with spirituality. Yet, it is all part of offering you a range of things which have worked for others so that you can discover what works for you.