Thought Bricks Foundation Course Overview

Please do the Intro Course first if you have not done so already.

The Thought Bricks Foundation Course offers the core teachings. It is essential to do the Foundation Course first course, before attempting other courses such as the Golden Gate course.

Initially there is a short Introduction, 4 week Introduction course (the Intro Course) and then students are invited to start the Foundation Course.

However, in the current version, which is an email version, the emails for the lessons are sent out once per week. Since the 26 lessons which form the bulk of the course are preceded by the four preparatory lessons of the Intro Course, this means that the email version of the Thought Bricks Course lasts for 30 weeks overall.

If you would prefer to receive the lesson at two-week intervals (or longer), rather than the one-week interval in which they are sent, please simply delay reading the later lessons till you are ready.

Below is an extract from Bernard’s original description of the course with link to the signup form at the bottom:

There is no doubt at all that the contents of this course are surprising, especially to those who have not yet realised the mighty, magnetic, drawing and attracting power of directed thought. There are many, of course, who have known theoretically about this, but who have never applied it, or done so only at infrequent intervals and in a vague, experimental way. Some people, on the other hand, have never realised that thought is creative and have gone on using this power carelessly all their: lives without knowing that they could bring harm as well as help to themselves and others. Creative thought and its results is often the cause of wonderment.

As you will see, surprising and satisfying things really do happen to Thought Bricks Students. And these things go on happening, day, month after month, year after year. Only the other a letter from a Student which gave an instance of the homely things that happen, too. She wrote:

“Thank you again for Lesson Three. How I love all your books. I bought five rose trees to add to my others. I planted them in the plot, at one side of my front door. I promised myself I would get another five for the other side. Time was wearing on and somehow, with extra fuel etc. to buy, I found I could not afford the rose trees.

A fortnight ago I went for a walk through a lovely glen and finished up on the sea-shore on a stretch of golden sands. I walked along for a mile or more. The tide was coming in. Now, Bernard, my eyes fill with tears as I try to tell you of this miracle. For there, before my eyes, at my very feet, the waves brought me five rose trees. Exactly five; the number I had planned. They probably came down the rivers in the recent floods, and had been in the sea for some time. They were beautifully fresh; three tied together and two tied together. I thanked God then, and every time I look on them, planted in my little front plot.”

Such small, homely things, as well as some really big, dramatic things, happen to Students of the Thought Bricks Course. Best of all, by co-operating with the teachings their lives change outwardly as they change inwardly thus bringing a steady flow of blessings. But first, what has Thought Bricks done for me?

“I had acute insomnia and frequent heart attacks, interspersed with periodical attacks of violent coughing. I really thought I was dying. Then I began to evolve and practise this method of thought building. Changes for the better began at once. My experimenting led me on towards that which was natural, wholesome, inspiring and wise. And now? I have a white and blue stone cottage near the Cornish moors, near a stream, with three large, secluded gardens. My Work is a constant joy to me and a source of inspiration to thousands of others. I am in almost perfect health, have a good colour, look younger than my years and sleep like an infant.

I can run, walk ten miles easily, and thoroughly enjoy an active life. I never cough now and have on an average  of one cold in four years. In fact, I live the life of faith, and the abundant life completely. This is what my method of thought building has done for me.”

The Thought Bricks Course lasts six months. It has 26 weekly Lessons in spiritual, mental, physical and practical psychology which will teach you to think creatively and thus to bring what you need and desire into your life, The first 12 Lessons cover the mental and spiritual aspect. The next 6 Lessons continue with this and also are on the subject of physical well-being. The last 8 Lessons are on the practical application of the whole.

The Course also contains information for people who have a yearning to live in the country. They will be shown how to make their dream come true. The Lessons are invigorating, inspiring, dynamic; they will have you feeling “on top of the world” in next to no time If you are persistent, really putting these teachings into practice your whole outlook on life will be changed. Things will begin to move Abundance will begin to manifest for you – abundance of joy, well-being, supply, success, peace and power. Although there are secret, advanced and hitherto unpublished exercises given in this Course, these can be practised by anybody and occupy but a few minute’s a day. (However, your changed thinking must occupy all your day.)

From the day you enrol you become a member of our Student Family, one, of the recipients of the “rays” of friendship, inspiration and help which flow out from the Thought Bricks Teaching Centre. You will soon find that our small family here really does care about each one of that large Student Family spread all over the world, and really desires joyful successes for each.

On enrolment you will receive a teaching booklet so that you can start your studies right away {it’s in the first email – William}. Its called “Thought Bricks and How to Build With Them”, This is a most valuable booklet (many have called it “a revelation” or ‘eye-opener”) which, as the title implies,’ enables you to practise thought building immediately. Another booklet is sent the following week. It is called “How to Contact Abundant Supply”, This title too, explains itself.

During the Course, there is an abundance of free gift literature, for I have, so arranged it that something is included free with almost every Lesson. I may be an instruction booklet, a Chart giving a thought building method to use for special needs, which can printed out and carried around in pocket or handbag; it may be one of the simple aids-to-thought-building that are supplied at intervals, or perhaps one of my booklets which, because of its popularity, is included for you all.

My idea is, never to let your enthusiasm flag I aim at so stimulating your faith and thought-power that you cannot help but succeed. This is greatly assisted by the frequent appearance of the free gifts. In this connection a Student wrote;

“The first wonderful thing that happened was on my first reading the leaflet, ‘To My Father and Your-Father’. Suddenly, it felt as though I was being melted all the way through, and it has all seemed quite different ever since. Then at the same time there arrived with Lesson Five the ‘Widow’s Cruse’. This is indeed a dynamic thing. There simply isn’t room to tell of the abundance of spiritual and material supply pouring into our live since my daily use of it! Your wonderful, God-inspired teaching is beginning to form a pattern, and I begin to see the meaning of your words in Lesson One; ‘His true message is so very lovey. Not a bit difficult to accept, nor illogical, nor hard‘.” The “Widow’s Cruse.” leaflet is only one of the gifts. Others are:- the “Star Chart”, “The Ladder Chart”, the “Window Chart”, the “Divine Sun Chart” (For personal healing) -. and there are many more.

In addition to all these, there are hundreds of leaflets covering practically every problem encountered by Students over the years. Whenever the need of one of these leaflets is indicated in a Student’s communication, it is sent to them.

Then there are replies to questions, such as; “Why Do Good People Suffer?” “Do Worldly People Really Prosper?” “How Can I Learn to Visualise?” There are healing-instruction leaflets such as; “A Storehouse of Healing Power”, “A Calm, Sure Way”, “A Marvellous Recovery”, “How Can I Learn to Be a Healer?” There are health leaflets, too:- “Abundantly Healthy Living”, “Aids to Sleep”, ‘Healthy Sleep is Mine From Now!” Also problems about nerves, weight, fears, tension and so on.

Other leaflets have these titles; “What to Do about Legal (and other) Tangles”, “A Boy’s Question and My Reply”, “Born Again”, “Can a Spade Dig the Garden?’, “That Critical Faculty!”, “Emotions Can Be So Wearing” “The Best Way to Help Others”, “Do You Want to Be a Wonder-Worker?”, “What Does Faith Really Mean?” “My Cul-de-Sac is Becoming a Through Road!”, “Little Miracles Grow Big Faith”, “A Child’s Faith and Its Results”, “My Least Need”, “What Life Is All About”, “How to Get Supply”, ‘The Loaves and Fishes Chart”, “The Thrill of Living Faith”, “What to Do About your Flair”, “Is It Right to Pray for a Life-Partner?”, “Wisdom out of Worries”, “Faith ‘Tunes Us In'”, and “How Can I Help My Child?”

{please note that not all the titles which Bernard lists are available here yet, we are adding them as we find copies – William}

These are only a few titled, but you can see by this the scope of the leaflets, for there are many other problems and subjects dealt with. Usually, leaflets are copies of my actual replies to Students, so are all written in a friendly, homely way there is nothing in the least prosy about them I am concerned in helping each Student in the fullest possible way, and these free leaflets are provided as a supplement to the Lessons.

In my mention of the leaflet-titles above, there was one called “The Loaves and Fishes Chart”. Here is an extract from a letter written to me by a Student about its use.    –

J.B.    (S. Africa)   writes
“I keep your wonderful ‘Loaves and Fishes Chart’ in my big office cheque book, and whenever the balance at the bank goes down a little and I start adding up the expenses, I follow your instruction contained therein. I can truly say that since receiving this Chart from you I have had no more worry about paying salaries etc.. It is
wonderful. Our business is expanding rapidly and turnover during the past three weeks has been so high that it has been beyond all expectations I am very happy, too, to be able to tell you at last I seem able to help others. One of the very excellent people we have in our office tries so hard, and up to recently has not been very successful.

He started to become a little disappointed, so I commenced thought ‘bricks’ for him. In a few days his sales had doubled. He is only a beginner and was so elated.”
It is wonderful to see happiness that yet another free gift you receive as a Student is “Bernard’s Weekly News”. This friendly publication is sent out every week. When you have finished the Course you can be a subscriber, but only Students and ex-Students may receive it. {Bernard’s Weekly News later became known as Bernard’s World News – it has been replaced by an occasional email newsletter called Thought Bricks News. You can subscribe to it for free via a link in the course Lesson emails – William}.

In my Student Family, at the time of writing, I have a variety of people. There are doctors, nurses, policemen and women, school teachers, authors, journalists, musicians, composers, artists, cartoonists, designers, engineers, scientists, lecturers, research workers, clergymen, coal miners, factory owners and. workers, an Indian Yogi and author of books on Yoga, army officers, company directors, a lawyer, seamen and others. Thought Bricks teaching has gone into about forty countries. It has gone into prisons, colleges, police stations and even into a monastery! Also to such out of the way places as Borneo, Iceland, Iran, Papua, Hawaii, Ceylon, Uganda, Brazil, Tabago, Malaya, China, Arabia, Israel, Barbados and Ethiopia.

The Lessons are extremely simple and clear while giving profound, and sometimes secret teaching. As you progress, you will see how others have progressed, and how they dealt with the exercises and Lessons given. Also, you will read of some of their thrilling successes! Right from the beginning I want you to realise this – it is not head knowledge only that we need in life. It is heart-knowledge Not just wisdom, but how to apply wisdom in everyday life This is what the Course teaches – hence its enormous success.


Since this Organisation began I have received hundreds of thousands of appreciative letters. Some of these I have kept in files. The following extracts are taken from the letters in these files and. every one is still in my possession. Some of these original letters have been examined by editors, advertisement managers and clergymen and I have had letters from them complimenting. me on the many successes of my Students. Although these letters are “testimonials”, they have a much more important function, and it is this function that is the reason for so many being quoted. People, until they develop knowledge by experience, find i difficult to realise that thought-direction is practical, scientific and result-producing. It is necessary for them to realise it, though, before they can use it with success, so these “testimonials” speak for themselves, bringing the necessary realisation home to the very heart of the reader.

{I’ve removed the references to specific amounts of money in the testimonials as the sums involved seem small now owing to inflation – many of these are from decades ago. Also we don’t have copies of the original letters which the testimonials are extracted from so please take them on good faith, or if unwilling to do that then regard them as entertainment. William.}.

“You may remember that soon after I started the Thought Bricks Course I changed my job which is very pressing and keeps me going at a high level. But I am getting {a lot more more money} than when I started your teaching. I was sixty years of age when I made the change over two years ago – and feel now that I could tackle anything with the new outlook I have acquired since practising your teaching.

“Thank you so very much for all the wonderful literature you have sent me. I have read it all over and over again and I am so much better, though I have only just finished Lesson No. 1. As you know, I had a nasty nervous breakdown last August, and did get awful bouts of depression. Since studying and reading your marvellously inspiring writings, a great change has come over me. I have had lots of happy happenings.”

“I have been meaning to write to you for ages to tell you how happy I am, and how with your teachings, I now find
myself in this lovely house. It is overlooking the river, surrounded by hop-fields and, orchards, with a quarter acre of garden for me to tend. I’m growing a lot of vegetables and fruit, and have never enjoyed myself more.”

“Everything, is going smoothly. I’ve had lots of lovely surprises and all the things I’ve put on my list I’m gradually This has been a happy year for me and I would like to keep in the Student Family.”

“NEW ATTITUDE” by W.J. (S.Africa.)
“Do you know that the impact of your teaching on the mind of a person from the everyday work-a-day world is tremendous? You must consider me. a perfect moron not to have realised from the first, as I do now, that the Course calls for an all day and all night new attitude. How .1 could, have missed that is incomprehensible to me now. Anyway, now I am steeping my mind in your literature, soaking myself in it all the time. How can I attempt to thank you for what I have already received? It would only mean doing inadequately what thousands of others must have done more capably. I try to express my gratitude for the pearl of great price that I have discovered.”

“Last week, while I was still practising Lesson 1 ,I was told that I looked twenty years younger. My husband is being employed steadily, although when I first contacted you he was unemployed. We have experienced, a nice steady flow of supply, for which we are very thankful. The blessing that is making me so happy.”

“Events are moving so quickly, I can hardly keep pace. We have sold this bungalow and bought the actual one I thought built for, all within this last week. Both transactions seemed impossible until I started the Thought Bricks Course.”

“BIG GAINS.” by J.R.
“Recently I have been reviewing my gains, all made since making the best decision of my whole life in deciding to take your priceless Course. The list is impressive. Our bungalow with just the right amount of extensive grounds; a new car; a motor cycle for my son; a car for a friend; a new study where I can work alone. A wonderful flying project for school; a.grand week’s school journey to South Devon. A small tractor for the garden, and. cloches; a new diving suit. And now our nursery is beginning to take shape where we hope to succeed with intensive crop production, using organic methods. For a period of under seven months this is a truly wonderful list. But I feel that my greatest gain has been in the spiritual sphere. For years I have been seeking, and now with your sure guidance I really know where I am going. 1 shall never he able to thank you enough for all you have done for me. It was indeed a landmark in my life when I was first drawn to contact you.”

“MY LIST OF BLESSINGS.” by N.J.     (S.Africa)
“I hardly know where to begin with my list of blessings. There are so many, but the best one of all is my new job. I love my Lessons and they will be with me all my life.”

“OUR SUPPLY.” by J.E. (New Zealand)
“My wife and I have found greater peace of mind since we first heard. from you; also the supply of all our needs is coming to us without any trouble at all. Thank you greatly for the leaflets you send to us; no words can ever tell how much warmth they bring to us.”

“Today I feel I am again, clothed in a wondrous youthful, powerful, perfect spiritual body – a conqueror and a king. The old little self has gone. Now a glorious life is starting and I am sure that the way will open soon to new conditions. I think that in these letters of yours you have sent me your secret – help me to realise it more and more.”

“Everything is moving for me now, just as you said it would.
1.) I do not have to worry about money; things just work out all right each day,
2.) My health (general) has never been so good. Everyone remarks on how well, and much younger I look. I feel marvellously well.
3.) Have confidence, clearer mind, and ideas just at the ease with which I now make decisions,”

“There is great joy in your teachings. I’ve been able to get Peace, and four items I wanted. My part-time job has been made a full-time one once again.”

“MIGRAINES HAVE GONE” by K.O.D.S.     (Canada.)
“Your teaching has already helped me both outwardly and inwardly more than I can tell you. Already migraines have gone and energy is renewed.”

“We continue to find this Course most invigorating. As my wife said only today: ‘It really is a glorious Course’. The more one reads and rereads the Lessons, the more do they unfold and reveal the Truth.”

“Money is still trickling in to meet our needs as a result of the ‘Shaft’ (without needing to ask for a penny) It’s utterly amazing how wonderfully we are being provided for,”
“I have expected and ‘built’ for big things as a result of these Lessons – now comes the landslide of blessings. This ‘landslide’ was a sum to pay off a longstanding debt. The money materialised from three different sources within eight weeks of enrolment.”

“When I first wrote to you I had severe problems to solve, and I had a house to sell which, being very large and rather old seemed most difficult to dispose of. Also, my health was failing. I am glad to report that within six short weeks of putting your teaching into effect, my personal matters were cleared up in a most remarkable way. In addition, my old house was sold. In health, I am almost my old self again, and business is even better than it was before. Three weeks ago a very luxurious new car came my way, You have opened my eyes to greater truth than I dreamed of. Your writings surpass any novel for interest,”

“As a minister of religion I declare my amazement at the courageous, practical and reverent manner of your approach towards Truth. How your teaching reveals the divine presence and the blessings of direct contact with God is so helpful to one’s personal experience and to one’s dealing with the problems of other people.”

“You encourage one to search after Truth, even concerning God, in place of that absurd attitude which seems to have been accepted too long – that it is irreverent to reason about God.”

“The Christ-consciousness within has proved a revelation to me. What results I have received from your tuition have been surprising. I am writing this on the occasion of my seventy-first birthday and am health strong and fully occupied in the service of God’s kingdom.”

“It was my desire to keep on doing whatever God would find for me, and I have been much used in that way for the past five years. Of course, I received only little pay for such services, beyond the age of retirement, but I was rewarded as I used the ‘Shaft’, and was given an increase per annum.”
Special Points.

Please note the following points. Your agreement to these is essential if you wish to enroll for the Course.

l) Each Student is entered on a Preliminary Training Period of several weeks before starting Lesson One. During this period he or she receives the teaching-booklet, “Thought Bricks and How to Build With Them”, and the following week the teaching-booklet, “How to Contact Abundant supply”.

2) My contact with Students is inwardly personal but outwardly impersonal.  I never meet Students. No details are given regarding my age, sex, appearance etc, no meetings are addressed or photographs issued. The nature of my Work makes seclusion essential and so Students cannot be received at the Centre. They may, however, write once a month. Replies are brief, but are supplemented by extra literature, and are homely and personal.

3) An harmonious, friendly link between each Student and myself is vital. In the case of a Student revealing that this link is broken or non-existent, the literature is stopped, withdrawal arrangements and financial adjustments are made. Intending Students will appreciate the wisdom of this, I am sure, and will agree with my resolve to preserve harmony and friendliness in the Student Family.

4. The Lessons are copyright, private and confidential and may not he shown to anyone outside the Student’s immediate family (and only then when the Student can vouch for the discretion of the family regarding the above points). The Course, the booklets sent with it, and the leaflets and charts, may not be adapted, copied, lent or sold.

5. All Students enrol confidentially. Students’ names and addresses are not revealed to each other; no introductions are effected or pen-friends arranged. Each Student can therefore be assured of remaining completely anonymous.


DO NOT ENROL IF:- You are not friendly in your heart. This is a true Family of Students who are all interested in each other’s “adventures”, sympathetic in set-backs and joyful over triumphs. This friendliness is the basis and backbone of Thought Bricks teaching.

DO NOT ENROL IF: You think that, by reading a few Lessons and magazines you will “come into a fortune” in some way or other, without any effort of your own. The whole Course is based on achievement (both for self and others) through the development of inner forces, powers and gifts, and requires persistent effort. Thought building is a craft which must be learned like any other. Outer changes result from inner changes.

DO NOT ENROL IF: You do not want spiritual teaching. This Course is designed to help people come into greater closeness to God, and thus to receive of His blessings. To be wiser, more balanced, more courageous, to have more loving kindness towards others. The teaching is not intended to be used for the sole purpose of enabling people to receive from life, but rather to both give and receive. It is not intended to be used for the sole purpose of getting more money. It is never to be used in an attempt to dominate the will of others. Thought Bricks teaching concerns the three aspects of a truly balanced life – the material, the mental and the spiritual.

DO ENROL IF; You are friendly, openhearted and kindly. If you want to learn the wisdom of the heart, rather than the knowledge of the head. If you want to make a great success. of your life – spiritually, mentally and physically. If you want to live the abundant life yourself, and to inspire and help others. If you want to reach hitherto untapped source of power within you, and to use it for the benefit of yourself and your world. If this is you then you are just the kind of Student we want – so DO ENROL





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