This website offers you information, ideas and insights which will help and support your spiritual awakening.

Amidst the turmoil of these times, many people globally are undergoing an awakening to new ways of looking at life and to new ways of looking at the world. Perhaps you find yourself turning to a deeper and wiser part of yourself in order to help you through the challenges of these times. Perhaps you are facing health issues, or issues of not knowing what sources of news and information you can trust, and so on. Perhaps you are discovering that the food that you have been eating most of your life is not all that good for your health.

At these times is is more and more important to try and take a step back and begin to listen more to the deeper and wiser parts of yourself; rather than automatically looking to some external “authority” to tell you what to do. In these times external guides and influences are useful to the extent that they help you connect with the deeper and wiser parts of yourself – then you naturally know what to do.

The goal of this website is to help you awaken to the goodness within yourself and to awaken to how that part of you wants you to live your life. What are the highest values and the deepest truths that you can believe in? How can you express these in your daily life? What habits of thoughts and feelings what limiting beliefs are getting in the way of you living up to your potential? If something on this site helps you in this regard then well and good; if not then that that particular tool or that particular teaching is not for you. We will offer a range of psychological and spiritual tools and methods from different approaches to help you discover what is useful for you.

Whatever your religious or spiritual background we hope you will find something on there for you. Some of the material will be from a specific religion and some of the material will be entirely secular. For example, to begin with we are offering a positive thinking course, Thought Bricks, that happens to be based on biblical teaching. Yet, this does not imply at all that website is only for Christians. We will be offering wider and broader sources of material which assists in Spiritual Awakening as times goes on.