Heaven is Fulfilment: Chapter 2


Very soon we had left the Plane Between and were soaring upward through the Void. After our recent experiences among the spheres, it seemed quite small! This, though, immediately made us smile, for in reality it is vast, but I think the strangeness of the glowing stars, the passing chariots of angels and the exalted nature of some of the spheres explains it.

As we moved rapidly through the blue light, we began to ply our guide with questions. Where would we go first, or which was the lowest plane of all? But here our angel was unexpectedly firm, saying that, although he would certainly take us to the lower planes first, it would be impossible to grade them, and say which was the lowest of all.

Why is that?” I asked, and Janet added: “I thought you knew everything.” Our teacher laughed deeply at this.

“It is impossible to grade men in that mechanical way, because of their motives. A man may seem to be on a very low plane, or even on a higher one and yet his motives – or the inner cause for all his actions on earth – alter the position entirely. Yet people must be classed together because of their expectations and interests. For instance, those who are musical will inevitably draw together, and vet each may he at a different stage of progress. Nevertheless, this stage will determine the nature of their Heaven, for they will see only what they are able to see of that which is around them.”

“I think I understand,” Janet said musingly.

“Is it not something like the illustration you gave us in the Place of Vision?” I asked. “You said that a baby could he taken to visit a museum on earth, yet receive the haziest of impressions, although everything was open before him. A person more advanced in years, however, would understand much more of what he saw.”

“Good! I am glad that you remember that,” said our teacher. “See how valuable mind-pictures are, in the task of teaching! Yes, the simile of a baby in a museum exactly describes it. Wherever men congregate together on the other side of death, there are the ‘Babes,’ the ‘children’ and the ‘adults’ all mingling, despite the shared interests. Each plane, each Hall, each Circle, each sphere, remember, is a school having every class of pupil.”

“It is all very clear now,” Janet said gratefully, “and we will not be foolish enough to ask again to be shown the lowest of all. Just take us where you will, dear angel.”

Our guide smiled at us affectionately. We three had formed quite a close friendship and, exalted as he was, felt very much at home with him. I could not help smiling at this, when I reflected how astonished many people on earth would he at the prospect of making friends with an angel

I think it will he good if we visit The Wells first of all,” suggested our guide. “Here you will see the temporary home of those who have been heavy drinkers on earth. It will he most instructive.”

“Is it possible that they can he finding fulfilment?” I asked in great surprise. “Somehow I had thought of such people being very unhappy because they could find no drink.”

“Wells do not sound exactly stimulating,” Janet ventured.

Perhaps not,” our angel agreed. “Nevertheless, you will find there is a fulfilment for them. Do not think they have no time of difficulty or trial! Of necessity, they must pass through this; but remember you are seeking to discover how “Heaven is Fulfilment.” Therefore you will look for ‘the end of the first chapter’ rather than the beginning of their story… Now here we are,” he finished abruptly, “and do not be surprised at anything.”

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