Heaven is Fulfilment: Chapter 1


Janet and I sat on the verandah of our little house in the Plane Between. Just below us, the foaming waves crept up the golden sand, the sunlight leapt upon the crests of the waves and lay in splendour upon the jutting edges of rocks. Far out upon the horizon, clouds hung motionless in the blue of the sky.

I picked up an apple and munched it thoughtfully. Janet was drinking some of the sparkling fruit juice from a glass. A sunbeam alighted on the tumbler’s rim, glinting and blazing like a diamond.

We had been talking for a long time as we rested on our downy couches. First, we had spoken of the delightful holiday we had had in the Plane Between, which, set between earth and Heaven, had so many joys of both, to offer. Then our conversation had wandered over our past adventures in Heaven’s realm.

“Do you remember the angel in the Garden of Desire?” Janet asked at last.

“The student-angel? Yes, I liked him immensely.”

“He showed us his books, and you said you would like to write a story of the Father’s Love to man…”

“Yes, I know,” I interrupted eagerly. “I have been thinking of that story, and of the volume with the blank pages waiting for us in the Garden of Desire. Think what a wonderful story it would be! Our angel said that Heaven was fulfilment of the highest aspirations of every one. Imagine the variety of states and planes and mansions!”

It would he lovely to visit them, and write down all we see,” Janet mused.

“Are you thinking with longing of that tour also?” I asked quickly. “It is positively calling me!”

Janet turned a glowing face to mine. “Oh Bernard, let us begin! Let us start to plan right away.”

“Well,” I said doubtfully, we shall have to start on the low planes and work upward. How shall we find, them?”

We fell silent, thinking and then Janet cried out delightedly: “I know! Let us ask the angel to be our guide.”

“The student-angel?”

“No, he is busy studying. Besides, he teaches people who come to him there. I mean our own angel, who guided us on our last adventures – our dear angel of the ruby gown!”

“Janet, that is a lovely idea.”

We were silent, then, drawing our mental veils, and sending out strong thought toward our dear guide. At first, there seemed to be no response. Then Janet said in a thrilled whisper: “He has heard,” and I added. “And he is coming.”

Almost before we had finished speaking a great light blazed on the far horizon. Eagerly we watched it. Soon, a figure appeared within the radiance, walking rapidly over the sea. Then we saw the ruby gown. Quickly we rose up and hurried down to the shore, standing hand in hand as we had done so long ago when Rose had come to us. As he drew near, we saw that he was smiling, and when he at last clasped our shoulders in greeting, he said;

“Children, I have been awaiting this invitation. Of course I will conduct you on your tour!”

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