The Radiant Way: Chapter 13


When we had wished our guides a temporary farewell (for they told us that we should often meet) Victoria led us on, over the Radiant Way.

Happy as I was to be with her, I yet felt an inward hunger which at first I could not define. Janet, too, said she shared in this and after we had spoken of it for a little, while Victoria walked ahead with the Ruby Angel, we came to the knowledge of it. It was for the visible presence of our Beloved.

So often we had been privileged to see Him in the Sphere of Dreams that even the Radiant Way seemed empty without Him. “Let us ask them if we shall see Him soon,” Janet suggested.

We hastened our steps, then, to overtake them and eagerly put our question.

“This is the Sphere of Angels,” Victoria said gently. “Men who are permitted to come here, cannot share in the fullness of their joy until they have reached the end of the Radiant Way.”

“Do you remember what the Scriptures say concerning angels?” our Ruby Angel put in. “‘I say unto you that in Heaven their angels do always behold the face of My Father which is in Heaven!’ Think of the bliss These beings whom you see (indeed, all of us) share in it, and since the Lord Himself said, ‘I and the Father are One,’ to behold the face of the Father is to behold Him also.”

“Then we shall not see Him in this Sphere? “Janet said wistfully.

“No,” Victoria said, “but a great joy is in store for you later on, is it not, angel?

“Oh, what is it? ” I demanded. “Do tell us.”

But Victoria and our teacher smiling, firmly drew their mental veils and we had to be content to wait.

There was no hardship in this, however, for our way now led us through the paths of many angels, so that we were able to speak to some and behold others from afar. We were so busy using our extended sight and asking questions that for the time we had no thought for anything besides.

The first angelic beings we saw looked like the ‘Pillar of fire’ of which we had read while on earth. It came so suddenly before our eyes that we were quite dazzled, and Victoria said:

“A company of Angels of Protection has alighted nearby. Wait. Cover your eyes, for I see they are about to disperse. When there is only one remaining I will tell you.”

So Janet and I remained with our hands over our faces, but even so, the radiance shone through like a golden glory.

Presently Victoria said we could look up, and, even though there was now only one angel, the light was of a great intensity.

When we had become accustomed to this, we saw that the Angel of Protection was very tall, and powerfully built. His hair and eyes were dark, his skin tanned, his robe of a vivid flame-colour and his wings, in startling contrast, were white. From his whole outline rays of golden flame poured forth so that he looked as though he stood within a circle of fire. His appearance was splendid, but somehow terrible too, and our angel whispered that where he is, the dark spirits cower sullenly or even flee in terror from before his face. He did not speak to us, but looked for a moment, deep into our eyes. Meeting his flashing glance I felt a sense of comfort as well as of awe. It seemed to us good that such mighty ones were available to fight our battles with the evil powers on earth. Again, however, we were reminded of man’s own choice in his destiny, for our teacher said:

“The Angels of Protection come only to those who pray sincerely, ‘Deliver us from evil.’ In their hearts, you see, they are already opposed to evil. It is not enough to think they would like to be opposed to it, and then to give way when temptation comes. They must fight valiantly with heart and mind and will. Then, if they hold steadfastly in temptation, the Angels of Protection will come to them and will vanquish the dark powers.”

In another moment the angel had risen into the air and was soon out of sight, but almost immediately we saw a group who were robed in golden-brown. The newcomers were most handsome and reminded one of the Greeks of earth. Their skins were pale, their calm eyes brown. They paused to speak with us saying that they were the Angels ofJustice. These beings were present at meetings and disputes. They waited patiently at such times, and, when they saw a mind attuned to them, poured the blessing of this virtue into the human hearts.

“Many times we have averted grave injustice,” one said. “Even if there is one just man among a multitude we are able, by strengthening and supporting him, to work great benefit to all, for such a man becomes instantly a leader of his fellows. They – even he – wonder at his power, but we know.”

Presently we saw two angels walking together in earnest conversation. We did not disturb them, though they turned to smile at us. Victoria said that they were the Angels of Holy Charity and that they held a store of loving-kindness to pour into the hearts of those who were ready for it. These two were rather small or slight, and were robed in sky-blue. Their wings, we noticed, were light and feathery, and we were told that this was a symbol of tendeness.

The next angels we saw were very similar to these, but their colouring was silver. Victoria said these were the Angels of Mercy and that this virtue was their eternal gift to men.

Later we saw an angel whose gown was of sunshine-yellow. She also was small and slight, but she had short, golden hair and wide, calm, blue eyes.

“I am an Angel of Wisdom,” she said, coming to meet us graciously. “Men who love Wisdom draw us most powerfully, and when their minds are relaxed and receptive to us, we teach them many great truths. We often watch beside them while they sleep, too, especially if they have an important problem to solve.”

When she had left us, I turned to our Ruby Angel in great astonishment.

“I had no idea there were so many kinds of angels, or that they were so concerned with men.”

“Why, they live for the service of God ” he exclaimed, smiling. “How could they truly serve Him., except by serving His children? Oh, men are so precious in the Father’s sight He, who created them, loves them so deeply that even we angels cannot sound the depths of it. He who created them, gave them the greatest gift of all – that of free-will, and so, while He watches over them and sends His angels to help, teach, strengthen and protect them, He does not forcibly intervene in their lives. Sometimes they think He does not know or care – foolish little people. Yet all the time we angels live to act as messengers between Himself and men. Above all men, we know His loving care, for we spend all our eternity in travelling from His Throne to the throne of human hearts. It is His will – that is enough for us – but we, who behold His face and know a little of His glory, understand His condescension also.”

He was silent for a while, and we pondered on his words. Then Victoria said:

“What would you think of a king of earth who caused his sons, his closest friends and all his majestic court to spend the rest of their lives in caring for the beggars of the land, in personal service? Would you not think him a great king? Would you not marvel at his mercy? Most of all would not his sons, his friends, and all the members of his court, wonder at the depth of his charity? Thus do we, and the angels, marvel at the loving-kindness of God.”

“Oh, if all men knew of the service of the angels” Janet cried eagerly.

“All men know of the Love of God,” our teacher said gently, “and we are not greater than our Maker. Is it any better to know that the Father sends His love through angel-messengers at times? No, for it is all one Love…”

Soon after this, we bade farewell to Victoria, and watched her continuing her journey along the Radiant Way. Now,” said our angel, “we must start on our journey.”

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