The Divine Sun Chart

The Divine Sun Chart

This Chart is to use for Healing. See that you are undisturbed in a room and then, standing, take three slow, deep breaths, at the same time saying within yourself;

“The Lord God is  a Sun.”  (Ps. 81+., 11.)

As you say these words, think of God as everywhere present, filling all the earth with light and power…

Now, lifting up your right hand, describe an upright circle about yourself, reaching up above your head and stooping down also to the level of your feet. Stand erect again, imaging yourself as though standing within an upright hoop, as though standing, shielded and bathed in light, within the circle of the Divine Sun. Say musingly, breathing deeply three times again;

“The Lord God is a Sun and shield.” (ps. 81+., 11.)

Pause a moment, feeling yourself filled with the warmth of the Divine Sun. Let it flow all over you, let it glow within you caressingly. Then, put your hand on any part of yourself that you wish to be healed, and, “shouting” within yourself (but without any actual sound outside), cry exultantly;

“I am a ray from the Sun Divine;
I decree that Healing shall be mine!”

Pause again for a moment, concentrating your attention on the part that you are touching, and vividly “feeling” or “seeing” it alight and glowing with God’s healing fire. The more vividly you can “see” or “feel” the warmth, the more benefit will result. Concentrate strongly, “seeing”, “feeling’, even “hearing” in that part – for a moment. If there is no particular part of you that needs to be healed, but you need healing in a general sense, place your hands on your hips and “feel” the warmth flowing all over you. Do this exercise as often as you like, but be happy and relaxed about it. No tension. If you cannot at once experience the warmth, imagine it, and presently it will come.

– Bernard

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