Four Walls and a Roof

A Working-Method for Success – Available to You Now.

This is a method that can be used by anybody.  It is simple and easy to do, but it must be done by you because you want to.  No one else can make this effort for you.  Your power and potential are there, waiting for you to recognise them, but only you can use your own power and potential.  This recognition is called “Belief”.

This simple method described here, provides you with “four walls” that will surround and shelter you every day while you build within yourself an inner mental power that will bring to you the fulfilment of your desires.

Make sure that your desires are beneficial to yourself and to those who share your life, and are harmless to all others.  For “like attracts like” and only beneficial desires attract lasting benefit.

The “four walls” consist of statements that you must make to yourself at least four times a day – but more often when the need arises.  When you make these statements, you may do so in thoughts only, speaking soundlessly within.  Or you may, if you are alone, say them in a low tone.  Which ever you choose, you must make the statements slowly, firmly and with authority.  Stress the words that are underlined in the statements.  Speak the statements as though you were speaking to somebody else – actually you will be speaking to your subconscious mind, giving it knowledge and direction.

Four times a day say the “four walls” in their correct order (for they are progressive and will lead up to the “roof” of your desires).  Bear in mind that you must say them slowly, firmly and with authority.  When you have finished saying the “four walls”, add the “roof” by stating what your desires are.  It will not matter if, having begun, you change these desires after a few days or weeks.  Other ideas may and should unfold – as well as plans and opportunities in connection with your desires.  This will happen – it cannot possibly fail to happen.  Provided you use the “four walls” as described here, ideas, plans and opportunities will come with absolute certainty to you, because your subconscious mind will be using its power as you have directed it to do.

Just now I mentioned that the need may arise for you to use the “four walls” more often than four times a day.  Now this is most important!  You must use one or more of the “four walls” whenever doubt or lack of confidence or any other feeling of inadequacy occurs.  These “four walls” will guard you from weakening by doubt, the inner mental power that you are in the process of building up.  Here are pointers to assist you in choosing the correct “wall” for these extra occasions of use: – Use your North “wall” for lack of confidence.  Use your South “wall” for a feeling of being alone or inadequate.  Use your East “wall” for doubts.  Use your West “wall” for mind wandering, procrastination and general dithering.  These “four walls” will turn you back to your inner mental power and assist you in bringing into your life that which you desire.  So use them whenever you feel the need, no matter how many times a day this may be.   (You can add the “roof” on these extra occasions too, if you wish.)

In addition to these extra occasions, say the “four walls” four times a day, adding immediately afterwards the “roof” statement of your desire.   Here are the “four walls”:-

The North Wall.   “You are a being whose inner powers are for ever linked with the mighty powers of the universe.”

The South Wall.   “You have within you a firm, close-clinging contact with the resources of all creation.

The East Wall.   “Your mind has definite, ever-active powers of creation because it is an off-shoot of the creative, universal mind.

The West Wall.   “What you think about daily, with close attention and interest, will become a part of you and will, with absolute certainty, visibly manifest itself in your life.

…    …    …

Now, at the end of your “four walls”, make the “roof” statement of your desires.  Continue to use the way you have chosen, either in your thoughts, soundlessly, or in a low tone.  Make your “roof” statement without tension, but clearly, firmly, authoritatively.  Do it seriously, for it is a scientific process that needs your whole, but relaxed attention.  THIS METHOD, IF PROPERLY CARRIED OUT AS DESCRIBED, CANNOT FAIL TO BRING YOU SUCCESS.

You now have the method.  Read all the directions repeatedly until you know them well.  Remember – your power and potential are there, waiting for YOU to recognise them, but only YOU can use YOUR OWN power and potential.  This recognition is called “Belief.”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

By Bernard

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