A Matchstick a Horse and Man: Chapter Five

The Way of  Inner Working

TIhe other day I had a letter from a Student who told me of her difficulties regarding noise in the house where, she lives. I was so sorry, for I know how trying it is to live with a constant disturbance. in fact, I always find silence feeding in an inner way. Do you see what I mean ? I expect you do.

Silence is something we all need, something which is very precious and which gives us strength. In my reply to this Student, I wrote: “Will you be good and accept what I am going to say now, as true for it really is? These noisy circumstances happen to be in your life because of something not in harmony within, or something not yet learned. Everything outside that comes to us is the result of something within. (‘What a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.’)”

” So you must first learn to live in a state of perfect harmony with all men and perfect harmony in your thoughts, before you can manifest perfect harmony in your life and circumstances. For instance, never be critical in your thoughts to anyone; never judge from appearances but realise there may be much that you do not know; never be hasty, irritable or impatient, and so on. This may be very hard at first (I know this) but how well worth while it is By creating an inner life of perfect harmony you ensure the coming of an outer life of perfect harmonyit becomes a certainty. This is the way of certain and sure success, the way of inner working.”

“Whatever one wants to manifest in the outer life happiness, abundance, peace, health, harmony, joy, etc.if one lives that thing desired in the inner life, it will surely come as the dawn follows the darkness of night. The Master said that when we pray we should believe we have received. If we pray for harmony then, believing we have received harmony, live it within, it will come true in the outer life also. Nothing can prevent it for it is Divine Law.”

– Bernard

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