Death and Life of a Soldier: 6


“Tell me more about going to this Plane Between in sleep,” Reg asked.

“Well, man prepares for death in this way. If it were not for sleep, death would have the terror of the unknown”

“But is has!” Reg interrupted. “At least, to a great many people.”

“No.” Both the angels were emphatic. The man guide continued, “Death only has terrors for some when it is viewed from afar. Even when it draws near, some still retain it, but in death, no one is afraid. At the moment of death, every soul enters into the clear vision of Heaven’s Realm and so death is seen as just a door to pass through. It is as simple as that

“You speak of Heaven as though everyone goes there after death,” Reg said soberly. “Surely that cannot be?”

“In using the term ‘Heaven’ I use it in its broadest sensewhich means ‘the other side of death.’ Heaven has many planes, many mansions, and there are many degrees which determine where a man shall be. On the other side of death’s door, however, there is always this clear vision.”

“Even for the greatest sinners?”

“Particularly for the greatest sinners. It is for them to see clearly the stained surface of their souls and all the pitiful handicaps their pride has imposed upon them. In these cases, of course, their clearseeing brings anything but peace, but I do not teach you of those who have deliberately, calmly and knowingly defied their God. I speak, for the most part, of those who have lived ‘ordinary’ lives, ranging from ignorance to wisdom, from indifferent to earnest effort.”

“Then the majority of men visit the Plane Between?”

“From time to time yes, but the regular visitors are those who really desire to learn the thinkers and triers, you know. Sometimes, too, a strong desire will bring them, as, for instance, when they have been parted by death. Mothers and fathers will be drawn to their children, husbands to wives, and your mates, you see, to you.”
“Why! ” Reg was delighted. “Do you mean my mates want to meet me?”

“Oh, yes. You see, you had made good friends with many of them, and the sharing of the hardships and common dangers of warfare had drawn you closer. Then, seeing death so often around them, men think and wonder, striving to follow in their minds the journey and experience of those who have gone before them. The physical body is material and acts as a wall or compartment to divide, but the soul is spiritual and so, leaving the body either in death or sleep, it is more easy to make contact.”

“Do you think it is all right for anyone to try and make contact?”

“It is always dangerous to force anything, you know,” the woman guide put in gently. “Men forget that. Buds that are forced open never come to flower. Besides, according to man’s progress and development, he is destined for various planes, and men on these planes cannot intermingle. That is, they cannot leave their own plane to visit othersunless it is that the higher (who have learned never to force or grasp) can reach and help the lower.”

“How is that achieved?”

“Let us suppose that, on earth, a woman spilt some caraway seeds into a bag of peas !” suggested the manguide, smiling. “She would take a sieve and pour all into it. The sieve would catch and hold the peas, but would allow the seeds to pass through.”

“Yes, I see that”

“Well, those on the lower planes of Heaven have to remain in their own planes; they are like the peas But those who are on higher planes can pass through and visit the lower planes where they often act as teachers; they are the seeds ! Understand now?”

“Oh yes, you do make it clear! And it is interesting.”

“It is life. It is a continual interest this living. From his earliest consciousness, when a man awakes to the fact that he is, he proceeds to grow and develop by experience. With each victory over selfor the insistent demands of his lower naturehe enters into a greater freedom. This freedom grows and becomes a source of intense joy to him. He feels like a god, a conqueror, a king as he lives his life in a deeper degree of freedom with every passing phase. Oh, life is interesting.”

“I always thought life practically ended when one died,” Reg confessed. It is hardly begun,” smiled the angel, adding, “Look our journey is done !”

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