Thought Bricks 25: Follow Up

There is Something Within you waiting to be awakened. It may well be partly awake already and calling to you, calling to you to help it awaken fully (or rather inviting you to awaken fully to its presence). This Something Within is something wondrous. It is impossible to describe in words.

As you look to your own attitude of mind, ask yourself, “Is this fit for the wondrous Something Within me?” Does your thinking invite your Something Within to awaken, or encourage it to stay dormant till a better climate of thinking and feeling are available?

Thought building not only encourages your personality; it also encourages the deeper and wiser part of yourself to awaken. You create a mental substance which this part of you can pour itself into. The more you thought build in a good-hearted and conscious way,  the more this Something Within awakens and becomes a normal part of your life. You create a positive personality as a vehicle through which the Something Within can live in the world. It is this deeper you, the Something Within, which transforms your life into something wonderful.

Self-negating and life-denying thoughts offer no place for the Something Within. Life enhancing thoughts and feelings are an open invitation to the Something Within.  Next time you find yourself singing a hymn which praises the Lord, try thinking of it as praising the Something Within. It is not only your Something Within as it is in all people and ultimately in all things. Why do we praise the Lord? Does the Lord really need our praise or approval for Himself? Not likely. We need to praise for our sake, for the sake of this Something Within.

As you connect with Something Within you will feel blessed. You will naturally want to bless others in return as that becomes more and more a natural part of who you are.


William M.