Thought Bricks 21: Follow Up

When we have faith in God we have faith in Goodness. Faith in God also means having faith in God’s Goodness. As we grow in faith we no longer think of God as the sender of trials and tests which we need to overcome; instead we look within ourselves to see how our own habits of thinking, emotions and action create difficult experiences. As we grow in faith our growing sense of the benign nature of The Creator causes us to let go of ideas about God which include punishment and reproach. This means we also let go of self-punishment and self-reproach as we want to live in harmony with the ways of The Creator. As we let go of self-punishment and self-reproach we allow more good things to come our way as we no longer feel the need to punish ourselves by denying ourselves the good which we desire.

We also begin to realise the type of thinking whereby we want to punish ourselves for our mistakes is just as much in error as the type of thinking which caused the mistakes in the first place. Both types of thinking are out of harmony with the Law of Love, and we choose to become more in harmony with that law. As we live in harmony with the Law of Love we become more at peace as struggle and strain become less part of our thinking and so less part of our experience.

Faith in God’s Goodness also means having faith in the Goodness within you. Feel that part of you which wants to heal, to help, to benefit others and to leave the world a better place. Where do you feel it in your body? How do you feel it, a warmth, a lightness, or what? Sense and nurture that part each day. The more you give it attention the more it will grow and the happier and more fulfilled you will become. Your sense of the Goodness within you connects you with the Goodness in others, the Goodness in life and with the The Creator of all this is good.


William M.