Thought Bricks 12: Follow Up

You might ask “How will I know that a Chart or an exercise is working?”. The answer is simple, “How do you feel after doing it?”. If you feel good then it is working. There is no mystery about it. You are not waiting blindly for something outside of your control. Your feelings are your guide to what is helping you and what is not.

As you explore the different exercises and “Charts” from the course material there are bound to be some which work best for you at this time. These are the ones to focus on for now. Feel free to explore and try different ways of doing them. If you get an idea and want to try something different in an exercise then by all means give it go. Try out your ideas and see what happens. Again, if it make you feel better then it is working.

After a while even the most interesting exercise can go stale. This is normal. Try changing it in some way, or try something else for a while (perhaps some of the exercises or Charts which did not work for you in the past will work for you now). Enjoy the variety of the material.


William M.