Thought Bricks 10: Follow Up

As you realise that you are not who you think you are you begin to discover the Real You. Lesson 10 showed you that you are not your body, you are not your feelings, and you are not your thoughts. You are the one who stands behind all of this.

Since you are not your thoughts, then your are not your opinions, your roles in life, or your traumas. You, the real you, as a peaceful centre which is behind all the ‘you’s that you assumed that you were. It is the Real You that is the creative power in your life. It is becoming aware of this part of you which enables you to become a wonder worker.

When you get caught up in the roles, opinions and thoughts which you believed were you, this creates a small and limited life. It locks you up inside a small self. When you realise that there is a lot more to you than you first believed you open your heart to others more. Why is this? Partly it is because you then realise that the benign being inside you is also inside other people too. Just as you made many mistakes because you did not know your Real Self; they also make mistakes because they do not know their Real Self either.

Of course, this kind of Knowing, the Knowing of your Real Self happens by degrees and grows over time. You then realise that the most important task in your life is to awaken to your Real Self and help awaken others to the presence of their Real Self.  As you realise this you are no longer willing to lead a closed life only focused on yourself and your immediate family, if that is the kind of life you were leading. You find yourself taking a friendly interest in a wider circle of people and are happy to do what you can to help them in their awakening. This may take many forms, as any simple act of kindness helps to awaken someone to their Real Self, as such behavior is in harmony with that benign part of them.  You soon realise that in helping them to awaken you are also helping your Real Self to awaken even more.


William M.