Golden Gate 14 – Follow Up

Two themes in lesson 14 are believing in yourself and continuing to work on letting go of inner obstacles. On the one hand we need to learn to believe that there is a Divine Light within us and that we are worthy of the good; the other hand we need to be clear about the obstacles within us which are getting in our way.

It is like the goodness that is within you, the Light of the Divine, is covered up by attitudes and beliefs which get in the way. You may wonder how can anything have enough power to cover up the light of a Divine Being. You may even ask yourself, “If there is a Divine Light within me, how can anything block this or cover it up?”.  The answer is that only a Divine Being has the power to do that. Only you have the power to cover up the light within you. You do this when you deny the good that is within you. You do this when you deny what is good about you.

Most of our obstacles have to do with beliefs and attitudes that cover up our own Divine Light. We have invested in attitudes and beliefs which in effect “deny” the Divine Light. Then in denying this light we can then say, “See there is nothing much good about me. Look at the bad thoughts I have or the foolish things I do.” You see how this is is really self made? The more you deny the Divine within you, the more you can justify denying the Divine within you as the thoughts, feelings and behaviour which come from this denial are more of the same denial. If this begins to look to you like a form of madness, then perhaps you are seeing it for what it is.

You may have had help along the way, in learning to deny your goodness. You probably came across others who vehemently denied their own goodness, the goodness in life and the goodness in others. Such people will vehemently deny what is good about you too and teach you to do the same. They know no other way, so that is what they do.

Thankfully the way out is simple. Begin to accept your own goodness. Allow yourself to accept what is good about you. This also includes looking clearly at the things which you have invested in instead of your own goodness.  Looking at your own obstacles, as Bernard called them, is part of the Undoing. Undoing the attitudes and beliefs which have stopped you from allowing your sense of your own Divinity to grow.

If you see that you have held an attitude, a way of looking at life, or a way of looking at other people, which has held you back. Do not berate yourself. If you berate yourself that is just more of the same denial of your own goodness. Instead celebrate your new awareness. Reward yourself for your insight. Pat yourself on the back for seeing the truth – at last. And move on to cultivate the attitude and beliefs you would rather hold.

William M.