The Tree Chart

First read this slowly:

“Blessed are they whose delight is in the law of the Lord. They shall be like a tree planted by the river of water. Their leaf shall not wither and whatsoever they doeth shall prosper.   (Psalm 1, 1-3).

Now put your finder on the trunk of the tree in the picture and say:

Oak Tree
Oak Tree

“Holy Father, let me be
as strong and steady as a tree.

Let me yield to Thy great power
As the tree, from hour to hour
Stands beneath thy blessings shower!

Fill my needs – yes, every one.
As leaves appear with springtime’s sun,
Health and peace and happiness;
Friendship, plenty and success.

If I have not need of all;
I’ll scatter it as leaves that fall.

Holy Father, let me be
as strong and steady as a tree.”


You are now ready for a special prayer.
Put your finger on the leaves of the tree and say with confident faith.

“Holy Father, I desire….. (Speak your desire, either for yourself or another.)

Then add, “According to Thy promise let it prosper. May my desire be abundantly fulfilled.”

— Bernard