The Candle Chart

The Candle Chart
(Based on Psalm 18.)

Shut the door of your room and see that you are alone and disturbed for a time. Then standing up, make yourself as tall as you possibly can by gently stretching your limbs and spine. Each time you stretch upwards, take a long deep breath. Now stand still and image yourself as a candle, holding your arms to your sides and looking upwards (or closing your eyes).

Then, breathing evenly, say within yourself;

“Thou wilt save the afflicted people. Thou wilt light my candle Thou wilt enlighten my darkness.”

As you say these words, image a great light shining out above you and pouring down to alight your candle. Image the light poised
on the top of your head, then filling your whole being with a warm, golden glow.

Do this Prayer-Exercise as often as you wish, but do not speak of it to anyone. When you hear of someone who is ill, pray for that one, imaging the person as well, smiling and happy again. In this way you will be able to test your progress, as well as being a source of blessing to others.

– Bernard