Thought Bricks 09: Follow Up

One of the interesting things about the Truth, as presented in Lesson 9 is that it is also about the present moment. To live truly we need to live in this moment and not be caught up in remorse from the past and fear about the future. The Truth about the past is that it is gone. Anything which makes it seem like the past is present is not true. Any worry or fear which makes it seem like the future is upon us is not true either.

Therefore to live in the Truth we need to anchored in the present and tell ourselves accurately how we are in this moment. To get from point A to point B we have to tell ourselves the truth about where we are now. If we are not really at point A, but are really at point C, trying to follow directions to get from A to B would take us the wrong way. If we feel fearful or angry then we need to tell ourselves the truth about that and not pretend to ourselves that we feel differently than we really do. By acknowledging how we really feel we can then take the right steps to do something about it.

If we just pretend that “everything is alright”; when it is not, this is not being positive. That would be lying to ourselves. Being positive is when we acknowledge that something is not alright, but then take steps to make improvements. We can then use Thought Bricks Charts, Exercises, read something inspiring, or whatever is appropriate to lift our spirits. Having been honest with ourselves we will be better placed to find the right remedy. We are then building on solid foundations of real feelings rather than how we think we “should” feel.

As you know imagination has much to do with feelings. Being aligned with our true feelings makes it easier to create effective thought moulds. When we are connected with our feelings we are more able to encourage them to flow in the direction which we want. This makes our thought moulds more powerful and effective as our feelings can be focused rather than scattered. Telling ourselves the truth and doing our best to live by the truths which are precious to us brings the power of integrity to our thoughts, words and actions.


William M.