Thought Bricks 03: Follow Up

‘I am resting in Divine Love as a ship rests upon the calm waters.’

What I love about this exercise from Lesson 3, is the simple, homely, warm-hearted feeling it brings. Like many people these days I sometimes let my mind get too busy. Busy, buzzing thoughts take over and get in the way of the things which are really important. To my busy mind all that seems important are yet more busy thoughts, but life loses its depth and richness when that is allowed to go on for too long.

I sometimes have to set aside the objections of my busy mind to doing this kind of exercise. Perhaps you do to? To a busy mind simple things seem just too simple to be worth bothering about. Yet it is often in the simple things we reconnect with heart-knowing and life takes on richer, deeper and brighter colours.

Sometimes my mind is like a misbehaving child which does not want to do what is good for it. Bernard tells us, “As you say these words, picture to yourself a little ship with red sails. In your mind’s eye see it far out upon the rippling sea.”  and my noisy mind will sometimes react and not want to do it. Yet, I have learned that I am not my mind. If I only live in my mind it is too limiting. That is not where deep peace and fulfillment are found. The mind can be a wonderful helper; but it makes a tyrannical boss.

Reconnecting with our heart brings peace, richness and depth. Connecting with our heart brings an softening and ease where healing can take place. Connecting with our heart brings us back to our roots, which are in the depth of our being, and allows us to be refreshed and renewed.

Connecting with our heart brings a softening and easing where healing can take place at our deepest levels. If you have not tried the Enfolding Wings Exercise in Lesson 3,  please go to the lesson and try it. It is a lovely thing to do just before falling asleep.

Let me know how you are getting on with the course, and do also let me know about your Thought Bricks successes so I can include them in future copies of the Abundant Life News.


William M.