Thought Bricks Foundation Course Lessons

Below are links to all the Thought Bricks Foundation Course lessons. It is best to do the Thought Bricks Intro Course first before exploring the Foundation course below.

Bernard used to mail out the 26 main lessons, one every two weeks, so the course would last a year. I have written and added 26 “Follow Up” lessons, because Bernard is no longer around to support the lessons as a “correspondence course” like it was originally. I added the Follow Up lessons to add some extra support to help students of the course.

Therefore, there are currently 52 lessons in all. You could either do the course over a year, alternating the main lessons with the Follow Ups, each week. You could also do it over 6 months, doing one main lesson weekly and using the Follow Ups as mid-week boosters. In either case it is good to work your way through the course at a relaxed pace as a hurried or impatient attitude will not help progress – though an eager and enthusiastic attitude certainly will.

Thought Bricks Foundation Course Lessons


William M.