Golden Gate 3 – Follow Up

As you looked at the list of obstacles to success which Bernard lists for us in Lesson 3, I hope you were not disheartened if you found that more than you would like to admit apply to you.

An open, clear-eyed view of your own quirks and failings is a wonderful boost to taking you to the next level of abundance. Think of it as being like a hot air balloonist throwing out some heavy ballast, or things that have entangled the basket of the balloon, and are holding them back from reaching a higher altitude. As you become free of such things your mental altitude will be higher and you will be much less affected by things which trouble you now. You will not only be free of the effects of you own inner obstacles, but you will also be much less affected by things on a similar level on the outside.

An ability to honestly look at things within you which have been holding you back is a very important step in maturity. Everyone has such things, so need to feel down or feel bad about it. When you discover that you have an attitude or a habit which has been limiting you, you can feel glad that you can now see it and do something about it. You should congratulate yourself for finally seeing it. Once you are able to see you are able to become free. So pat yourself on the back and say to yourself “I am so glad I can see the way to set myself free.”

You have reached a very important and vital steep in your development. Illusions and self delusion are no longer things you want to tolerate in yourself. Yet, you are not harsh or unkindly towards yourself. Rather you look at your faults and failings like a kindly parent looks upon a much loved child. It is just the natural stages of growing up. In this case it is a spiritual form of growing up and you cease to be a spiritual dependent and grow into spiritual maturity.

Spiritual maturity is where you begin to create your life experience and mould your life to what you want rather than being at the receiving end of whatever life happens to dish out. Part of what life has dished out to you has shaped your attitudes and beliefs. You most likely have taken on the attitudes and beliefs of those around you in your formative years. These attitudes and beliefs tend to be a mix – some will be good and useful; and some will not be good and not useful to you at all.

By honestly evaluating your attitudes and beliefs and deciding to cultivate ones more in line with your highest potential you unleash the spiritual power that is inherent within you. You create channels for new capacities and new abundance in your life. Everything on the outside is a reflection of what is on the inside. Therefore changing what is inside you has deep and profound effect on all aspects of your life.

Therefore be cheerful about your list of obstacles. Soon they will be obstacles no more. The more readily you can be cheerful about them the more readily you can change them.

One way to help yourself overcome an obstacle is to think about the quality which is its opposite and develop that quality. For example if your obstacle was, say, indecisiveness you can cultivate boldness instead. No need to dwell on the obstacle; better to dwell on the solution which is the quality which will “dissolve” the obstacle. Qualities like boldness, confidence and courage all help to dissolve timidity, indecisiveness and low self esteem.

If your obstacle was a tendency to be vague and unclear; cultivate a feeling of clarity, decisiveness and purposefulness. I think you get the idea from these examples. The main thing is to focus most of your time and attention on the solution not on the problem.

Another useful way to develop qualities is to read the life stories of people who have the qualities you would like to have. Even fictional characters who embody the qualities we need can help us do that.

Imagine how you will feel when you completely embodied the qualities you find attractive in the people you admire. Imagine how you will be when you develop and express those qualities to the full! How will you walk? How will you behave? How will you hold yourself? See it, feel it, believe it.

Thought Bricks is not only for creating what you want; it is also to help you create the “you” you want. It can help you become the person you want to be. It is about being and becoming as well as getting material things.

Remember: “Indwelling within me is the very Spirit of God. With God all things are possible. I shall overcome every obstacle and achieve Success.”

Golden Gate Exercise 2.

We are adding power to our use of the Golden Gate affirmation by building thoughts and feelings around it.

Lets focus on another phrase from the Golden Gate affirmation: “…I walk through the Golden Gate…”.

1. What other ways can you say something with a similar feeling to this phrase? Can you come up with ten, twenty, or more examples?
“I step through the door of abundance.”
“I walk along the Royal Road to happiness.”
“I float on a boat along the river of success.”
(It’s fine if some ideas make you laugh.)

2. Do you see or feel the image of a Golden Gate? Is it the same each time or does it change? Is it heavy and solid or light and delicate? Do you put your hand on the handle to open it, or does it just swing open by itself as you approach.

3. How does it feel to walk through the Golden Gate and finally be on the other side?

Please add your thoughts, feelings, impressions and inspirations in the Golden Gate section of your notebook.