Golden Gate Course 10

In this lesson we are going to (temporarily) leave plans for the future and concentrate on the present. To do this, go back again to Lesson Three and turn to the list of character weaknesses which you made, and numbered, in your notebook. This is the point at which you begin to operate on these.

When you have found the list, look at Number One which is the biggest obstacle which you decided was standing in your way to success. Remember why you chose it as your biggest obstacle. The actions, words and thoughts which proved to you, over the years, that this obstacle existed.

This week be very busy with your “Golden Gate” affirmation, and when you say “obstacles” think of this one in particular. Say your affirmation at least twice during the day, and for the third exercise use Secret Exercise No. 3. Time should be devoted each day during these weeks to abolishing that biggest obstacle in your path to good fortune.

The method of destroying any defect or weakness is to act in an exactly opposite way. For instance, if you are inclined to be nervous and apt to panic in an emergency, overcome this by forcing yourself to act slowly and calmly when the next opportunity occurs. However much you may want to panic, refuse to allow yourself to do so.

Suppose you are given to “dithering” when you are asked what you would like to do for an evening’s entertainment. Next time, don’t hesitate. Answer confidently, “A cinema”. “Theatre”, or whatever it may be. Never mind if you regret it afterwards and think that, given time, you would have chosen differently. Accept this in good part, resolving to think more quickly on the next occasion. Go on replying promptly whenever the chance comes.

Maybe you are unsure of yourself and to hide this, have been in the habit of speaking loudly and excitedly? Force yourself to speak slowly and quietly.

If you have been accustomed to let your nervousness take the form of quick, jerky movements, artificial vitality and gaiety, make yourself move evenly, letting the arms and legs swing freely, keeping the neck supple and relaxed. Keep your whole self toned down to peaceful quietness.

Let us suppose that you are given to being wildly enthusiastic about things for a few days, only too ready to find time for them and do whatever is necessary in connection with them. When the enthusiasm wears off and you want to drop the whole thing, go on being enthusiastic in action, ignoring the later mood.

If you lack persistence, desiring to give up the instant any delay or setback occurs, force yourself to go on past this point, and you will find that you get your “second wind” and will want to continue, presently.

Do this with your “No. 1. obstacle”. Find a way, at least once each day to do exactly the opposite to what you would normally do. Make a game of it! Despite what you are feeling or thinking, act the part of feeling and thinking exactly the opposite. Do not act only to those around you. You may be quite alone anyway. Act to yourself. If you persist in doing this whenever the opportunity occurs for you to do so, you will be able to change this weakness into a strong point in your character. This will be to your advantage in reaching the fulfilment of your dreams.

Victory Box

In this connection, find a small box and either label it, or call it to yourself, the “Victory Box”. Every time you overcome in the way I have described, put a coin into the box. You will have to choose what coin it shall be, but don’t let it be too small because you are going to enjoy the spending of the resulting fund presently. Be faithful, both in the overcoming and in the insertion of the coin. I shall speak of your “Victory Box” again soon.

Another thing to-do just now is to renew your idea of God as your loving, heavenly Father. As a benevolent Spirit which you can reach and contact, and draw down into your life as a source of endless blessing.

When you have this idea clearly, get your purse or wallet or cash-box or whatever you usually keep your current cash in. Gather it together and look at the contents. Hold them in your hand, get the feel of them. Think of the immense sums you must have handled during the years of your life and what a very wealthy person you would be if it was all in your possession now.

Then reflect that God your Father was the Source of all this supply, that He has supplied you up to now and that He will supply you again. Say musingly, within yourself, these words of scripture, and imagine that you can hear the Master saying them in gentle reassurance to you.

If ye, being of the world, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask Him?

Go on handling and looking at your money, and thinking of the loving kindness, benevolence and goodness of your heavenly Father towards you. Then say again, within yourself,

Prove Me now, saith the Lord of Hosts, if I will not open to you the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

Get a clear mental idea of the Father pouring His abundance into your life because you love good (God) and trust Him to manifest His goodness to you.

While still keeping your money before you, lift up both hands with palms facing outwards in line with your face, thumbs almost touching your ears, fingers relaxed and slightly curled inwards. Look up and say reverently within yourself, “Holy Father, I ask Thee now to bless and multiply this material supply. I believe Thee, I trust Thee, I prove Thee now. From this day forward may this supply grow and grow into a great abundance.”

Lower your hands, and place them lightly upon the money. As you pause, feel that your prayer has been heard and that already in the unseen, forces have been set at work to answer your decree. Feel a sureness, a calm knowing stealing over you so that you can almost feel the money growing under your hands, as it is already doing in the realm of the unseen.

Do not allow any thoughts of doubt to creep in. Crowd them out with a repeated, “I believe Thee, I trust Thee, I prove Thee now”.

Be full of hope and faith. Hold to the scientific fact that although you can see nothing when you do this exercise, great forces are set in action in the unseen. Do not be sceptical. Think what would have happened if Edison had been sceptical about the unseen power of electricity. Although he had nothing to go on, he went on believing in it and working to bring it into manifestation until at last he succeeded in doing so. Then nobody doubted any more.

But you have “something to go on” I and many others have proved over and over again that thought sets unseen forces in motion. So keep up your heart and be persistent.

I must continue “the story of my faith”, as I promised you in the last lesson, In those early days, when the Work was about three years old, I purchased a piece of land – the price was about ¬£75. It was roughly square, with another oblong of land attached, divided by a bank. An old bedstead blocked up the opening between the two plots when I first saw it! All this land was very much overgrown with nettles, weeds and bushes, and shadowed by tall, tangled young trees round the boundary. I remember this so well. It was a cold, January day without sun. But as I stood there, I saw it in my mind’s eye as I wanted it to be.

I “saw” the tangle of trees on the edge pruned and “plaited” into a hedge, the old bedstead taken away and a gate put there. The ground cleared, the grass cut close. Paths made, so that access would be easy whatever the weather, I “saw” buildings standing there, that could be used for offices and storage rooms. I “saw” workers busy with all the necessary equipment, and piles of papers – some to be used, some already printed and ready for posting. That tangled wilderness “flowered” with all my dreams on that day!

For weeks we busied ourselves with clearing the land. In my spare time, naturally, for I was engaged in writing, typing, duplicating¬† and sending my message of faith to all who hungered for it. Gradually a little extra money was gathered, and this was spent on a small wooden hut about nine feet by six feet. It was erected – the first office By then, all the money was used up, but I still saw everything in my mind’s eye exactly as I wanted it. I “saw” mountains of mail arriving and myself feeding my faith-message to the truth-hungry. I saw workers and machines, paper and postage stamps and the money to supply everything, flowing in. Very soon I engaged the first worker – a girl school-leaver at the, then, quite ordinary wage of thirty shillings a week. (Later I was to pay out about ¬£80 a week in wages – a princely sum in those days). My dream was taking shape, (More of this next time.)

REMEMBER:- Change your thoughts and you change your circumstances. You have 12 more weeks to practise prosperity thinking. By then it should be a habit.