The Green Leaf Chart

This “down-to-earth” chart will enable you to get started with effective thought building. To thought build, you must use your inner power. Before using this power, you must first realise that you have it.

Begin like this. Pick a leaf and take it home with you. When alone, hold it in both hands and look at it. Then begin to think on these lines.

“There is life within this green leaf. Life has caused it to spring into being, to form itself into a definite pre-arranged pattern. Life has sustained and fed it, and given it colour. This life is in all things – and in myself. It is in the air I breathe, and in the vast outside, the ever-changing air in which I live and move and have my being. I pause and breathe deeply, realising it all.”

    “In the air, in every form of human, animal, bird, fish and plant, is this all-pervading life. It links through to the All-Life throughout the length and breadth of the earth. It links me to the suns, moons and planets beyond earth, to-the vast-reaches of the universes beyond our knowing.”

Looking closely at the leaf, tell yourself, “This is my proof of it all, my key to the door of knowledge, the open door to the power of the All-Life.” Wait a few moments, musing.

At this point you are ready to thought build. First of all, think of something you desire. (Something simple as befits a
beginning, that is for yourself alone, and will not intrude on the free will of anyone else.) Then say within yourself gently:-

“Life within me, pour forth power That this, my true desire may flower.”

From that moment, you have given your desire mental existence. Think of it frequently, using this chart as often as you wish. Think of your desire with a feeling of welcome, for if you sustain this, you will gradually draw it to you until it takes on a visible existence in your world.

– Bernard