The Glass Marble Chart

The Glass Marble Chart: Thought Building Exercise

As the title reveals, you will need a glass marble for this thought building exercise. You may happen to already possess one of the old-type marbles – they have colourful centres usually arranged in a spiral pattern. Any marble will do (or even a nut or bead which is a similar shape) but if you can find an attractive one so much the better.

All really successful thought building comes about because the inner consciousness has been impressed by a mind’s eye picture, idea or sensation.  So take the marble into your hands and roll it between you palms. Do it gently as though you might squash it if you pressed too hard. Smile over it as you think about what you desire to achieve or receive. Then, while you roll the marble, say happily to yourself:-

“Everything is on the move for me. My plans are R-O-L-L-I-N-G to completions, my desires are R-O-L-L-I-N-G to fulfillment, my life is R-O-L-L-I-N-G into happy success.”

As you say “rolling”, roll the marble around between your palms, lingering smilingly over the word.

Keep the marble in your pocket (or nearby) where you can touch it at intervals. Even if you are with other people it will remind you of your thought building and help you to keep in contact with it. Of course you can substitute your own words to link up with the essential “rolling” one. This simple technique, if you can enter into it and enjoy it, will really start things rolling in your life and affairs.

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