God the Abundant Giver: Part Two

You shall know the truth“, said the Master,”and the truth shall make you free.

What is the truth about God? He is able, we are told, to do for us “exceeding abundantly “, above all that we “ask or think “. He is able, we are told, to “open the windows of heaven” and pour out a blessing so large that there will not be room to contain it “. The truth is that God is an Abundant Giver. The opening of the “windows of heaven” is the opening of the super- conscious realm to the consciousness of the true seeker.

“But what “, ask those of the poverty-consciousness, “did the Master mean by ‘deny thyself’? Doesn’t this mean that we must not desire or receive anything?”

My reply is, no, it does not mean this at all! The Master taught that ‘ what things soever’ we desire when we pray, we have only to believe in the power and wil- lingness of God to give them, and we shall have them. That oft-repeated “deny thyself” text is unfortunately not oft-read, or it would be seen that it is a part only of some wonderful and thrilling teaching. In this teaching the Master explained that His hearers should not “savour” (or judge from) the things (or consciousness) of this world. Instead they must deny that they are only mortal and follow Him into the consciousness of immortality.

The word “deny” in its original language in this context means “to disclaim any connection with”. It does not mean to withhold, as most people imagine! Anyone who cares to, can look this up in Young’s Analy- tical Concordance.

Every man’s “cross ” or burden in this world is the lower consciousness which causes him to “savour” only the things of this world. The Master taught that each one of us should take up His cross and follow Him- but where? If you will read the passage where all this teaching occurred (See Matt. 16, 21-28 and Chapter 17, 1-8.) you will find that He “took them into a mountain and was transfigured before them “. He actually demonstrated to them that there is a higher realm of consciousness to which we can all attain while still on earth. One of His friends was so entranced by this that he wished to remain in it for always! The true meaning then of that oft-repeated but little-read passage is:

“Do not savour (or judge from) the consciousness of this world. Deny that you are only mortal. Take up the cross (or burden) of your lower consciousness and follow Me into superconsciousness. So shall you be trans- figured as I have demonstrated and make contact with the superconscious realm of power!”

This is the wonderful, thrilling truth. God is the Abundant Giver. He is waiting to open the windows of heaven to our consciousness. To pour us out an exceedingly abundant supply. So large that there is not room enough to contain it, so great that it is above all that we can ask or think!

This is the truth about God. God is the Abundant Giver. God is eternal and changeless, therefore He is eternally giving. We are told, ” God bringeth thee into a good land. Thou shalt not lack any good thing.” (Deut. 8, 7 and 9.) Those people who do lack “any good thing” are living in the lower consciousness and savouring (or judging from) the appearances in this world only, unaware of the immense possibilities around them.

Judge not according to the appearance, but form righteous judgment”. (John 7, 24.)

Isn’t it worth every effort to form right judgements? To ask, to seek, to knock until the windows of the higher consciousness open? Each of us must do this for himself.

Each must take up the cross of his lower consciousness and follow the transfigured Master into the realms of the superconscious. This is the “good land” where God leads us and where we shall not lack any good thing.

Now – how to get there? Read these words of mine over and over. I have poured a high vibration of power into them for I want to bring you into the “good land” of your heart’s desire. Read and ponder them until your mind thrills with the joy of understanding. Then at the peak of awareness, ask the Great Power interpenetrating all things, the Great Power within you for what you desire. Be definite, ask confidently, seeing and feeling the coming of your heart’s desire.

After one of these times of thrilling awareness and asking, when I had broken through the barrier from the lower consciousness to the superconsciousness, I found myself saying these words: “I have broken through the sound barrier’ by my spoken words of faith and now ‘everything is going with a bang’!” This will show you the kind of relaxed, happy confidence I felt.

Will you do it? Refuse to be hindered or turned aside from your aim. Go right on asking, seeking and knocking. “For he that asketh, receiveth and he that seeketh, findeth. And to him that knocketh, it is opened unto him”. (Luke 11, 10.) Read these instructions of mine over and over and practise them daily. Here are some “success stories” to inspire you to action. They were written by students who had started their upward climb to the higher levels of consciousness.

J.B. “Things are becoming really wonderful for us now. Our business is expanding rapidly, and turnover during the past three weeks has been so high that it has been beyond all expectations!”

L.L. “Many thanks for Lesson Six. I started to’ ask ‘ for a home. Hold your breath! I have now got a house.” A.H. “After practising the lesson my husband has been given a pay rise. It was completely unexpected.”

F.D. “All I have dreamed of has come my way. A good job, well paid. Just the house and garden I visualised. A happy, healthy family. Plenty of friends. I am truly very grateful to you for showing me the way.”

E. T. “Your lessons stir my soul. I have a wonderful feeling of joy without end. I have reached my goal.”

Here in this little booklet is all you need to help you to clarify your thoughts. And if you follow, it will bring you to the point where you too will know by actual experience that God is “The Abundant Giver”.

— Bernard