Death and Life of a Soldier: 11


“Suppose we take one question at a time,” I suggested. “Of course, the Love of God won us a place in Heavenif we believe that and accept it.”

“How can we accept it, even if we do believe?”

“Suppose you were sitting by a pool of water and you were splashed with mud. Just sitting there would not make you clean, would it? You would have to use the water and wash in it.”

“Yes …”

“That is what we do about our divine inheritance “, I explained. By believing in it and accepting it, we are allowed to come here”.

“But that doesn’t make me clean,” Reg protested.”Then how?”
I glanced at Janet and she said quietly: “You have not made use of the water in the pool, yet.”

Reg looked into our faces, his own expressing alternate puzzlement and hope.

“Do you mean there is anything I have to do?”

“Yes,” Janet continued. “The fruits of the inheritance are there for all. Each one has to partake of them by making reparation – by making amends, as it were. For every wrong he has done to another or to himself he tries to do or give some good in its place. In this way we unite ourselves to God and share in His perfection. When all our reparation is done, our robe is clean.”

“Oh, now that is something I can understand! It seems so right, so fair, so just what He would do.”

“Ah, you are beginning to see Him as the King of Love,” I exclaimed. “It is His Love that gives us the comfort of giving good in the place of evil. He takes us, as it were, into His confidence.” There was a silence, and then Janet quoted:
“‘Come now and let us reason together, saith the Lord. Though your sins be as scarlet they shall be made as white as snow; and if they be red as crimson, they shall be as white as wool’.”

“You are giving me hope ” Reg was smiling now. “Somehow I thought all that applied to our lives on earth, but that when we came here there was nothing to be done.”

“Remember always that you are here because of His worth not because of your worth. So those words do apply to our lives on earth. If we do not accept Him in our hearts while we live on earth, how can we acknowledge Him as our King in Heaven? There are many who have not thought very much about their God while on earth, yet in their hearts they have accepted Him. Those He receives.”

“And then He lets them help to cleanse their robe,” Reg marvelled. “Oh, now I see what you mean by His love! But what of those who have never accepted Him, even in their hearts?”

“They have cast away, for the time, their robe, their wedding garment,” I said sorrowfully.

“Oh, is that the robe you speak about? “Reg asked. “I remember hearing that story … Now tell me how I can help to get mine clean. You can never guess how eager I am to begin.”

“I think we can. If you really want to make up for lost time we can start our journey to the Flail of Receptionwhere you have to begin. Then, on the way, we can outline the plan to you.”

“Oh, that will be capital.” Reg sprang up, eager to be off. I could scarcely recognise the unawakened newcomer in this vital lad. He took a last look at his beloved sea and then we sped off once more toward the great Void. As we passed into the great expanse of blue light, Janet and I began our unfolding of the plan, and Reg listened with deep attention. First we described our own arrival and how we each had desired to meet the King; then the pause before the Gates and the revelation of the stained condition of our robes.

“It is not that you cannot enter through the gates,” Janet explained. “They are opened wide; but with the knowledge of your stained wedding garment, you do not want to enter.”

“Suppose I still wanted to?” Reg queried, and I recalled that I had asked this same question of my angels. Reaching out for the memory of their reply, I quoted:
“‘You would be allowed to enter if you desired. Some do enter, even with robes more stained than yours, but then the Holy Ones are only partially discerned, as though clothed in many veils, for purity is the only perfect vision there is. Gradually, these come to realise their blindness, and then, making enquiries of their guides, they learn the cause. It is not long before they too wish to leave the gates ‘.”

“Was that why I could not see the Master when He visited the Plane Between?” Reg asked.


“I thought you said that seeing was measured by love?”

“It is.”
Janet made it quite clear by adding:”If we love Him very much we want to be clean, so it is our love that makes the clear vision possible.”

“I see.” Reg pondered awhile and then said, “Tell me how I begin my Term of Reparation.”

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