Self Actualisation & Spiritual Awakening

The term Self Actualisation was really established in modern thinking by Abraham Maslow and his now famous pyramid with its “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”. The literature about Self Actualisation tends to take a psychological approach, since the term arose from the psychological field. However, what this approach sidesteps is that your ultimate actualisation stems from … Read more

Abundant Life 2: Four Walls and a Roof

In this edition, I’d like to offer you Bernard’s Four Walls and a Roof exercise. As you may know, this is a simple and powerful exercise to help you not only focus and what you want, but also help you overcome things such as worry, fear, or doubt which might be getting in the way. The Four Walls and a Roof helps you overcome such blocks at it is short and can be easily used a number of times during the day. It is also used spontaneously as needed, varying the “wall” you focus on to match whatever it is that you need to overcome.

– William M.

Four Walls and a Roof

A Working-Method for Success – Available to You Now.

This is a method that can be used by anybody.  It is simple and easy to do, but it must be done by you because you want to.  No one else can make this effort for you.  Your power and potential are there, waiting for you to recognise them, but only you can use your own power and potential.  This recognition is called “Belief”.

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Abundant Life Newsletter 1: Enjoying the Success of Others

Welcome to the very first Abundant Life News!

By pure coincidence this is being sent out on Good Friday, so I hope you have a good Easter weekend.

The Abundant Life News will be a mix of things which Bernard (who was Bernard), the originator of Thought Bricks used to send out in his Bernard’s Weekly News (it later became Bernard’s World News). I have a stack of old BWN’s and I will look for relevant articles to extract and will some add some topical comments too. I am planning to eventually send these out once per week, but it might take me a wee while to get into the rhythm of it.

Enjoying the Success of Others

In the Thought Bricks material Bernard put a lot of emphasis on delighting in the success of other students. There are very important reasons why. Indeed, it is fundamental to our own success in creating the life we want.

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Green Leaf Chart added.

Have just added The Green Leaf Chart. This is a very good chart to start with if you have not used Thought Bricks Charts before. As Bernard says “This ‘down-to-earth’ chart will enable you to get started with effective thought building. To thought build, you must use your inner power. Before using this power, you … Read more

Ladder Chart and Heaven Books

I just now added the Ladder Chart. You’ll also find it any time under the Charts menu. Big thanks to the student of the course who sent it. Also very good news. Another student has loaned me the remaining 7 of the Heaven Books and I have been busily scanning them. The text will start … Read more

New Charts added.

I am delighted to say that a very kind lady and a very kind gentleman have sent more material to put on the site. I have added a few “Charts” already and much more will be available soon. This site is about to enter into a new phase. We now have much more material to … Read more

Tree Chart added.

A kind gentleman in South of England posted me some material. That was a lovely surprise. I will be adding more exercises (or Charts as Bernard called them)  in the days ahead. Have have already added the Tree Chart You can find it any time under Exercises menu. If you have any Thought Bricks material … Read more